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Bagnell Dam Strip Association
Lake Ozark - Downtown Revitalization Program Description

Funding Proposal - Revitalizatoin Document (pdf)

Downtown Lake Ozark was once the icon for the Lake of the Ozarks and a vital economic engine for the area and specifically the city. Today, decades of public and private disinvestment have left the downtown empty causing a loss of tax base, loss of density, and loss of a center for community activities. Because of the City’s limited staff and limited revenues, it is just not able to undertake the
research and planning required for revitalizing this historical and vital portion of the community.

The Bagnell Dam Strip Association, a not-for-profit 501 c3 community based corporation, is leading the effort to develop a solid comprehensive long-range plan for the revitalization of the historic Lake Ozark downtown. This focused planning and economic development group includes business and property owners from the Bagnell Dam Strip as well as other major stake owners in the community.

The Plan will embrace the unique location of downtown Lake Ozark and its significance of being adjacent to the dam, the lake it created and the underdeveloped Osage River frontage below the dam. Current residents and visitors to the Lake do not have general access to the water except for land within the control of the State Parks. A key characteristic of the Plan will be to create free
enhanced access to both the Lake and the River experiences together with the necessary parking spaces for these visitors.

The Plan will be anchored by new and rejuvenated family oriented projects and attractions that made the overall Lake of the Ozarks area the well known tourist, recreational and meeting area that it is today.

The Plan will capitalize on the major infrastructure and commercial projects currently underway within the city of Lake Ozark. Because of these activities adjacent to the downtown, new transportation systems and utility upgrades will be close enough that makes it possible to address the significant costs associated with creating new downtown development sites as well as the
revitalization of others.

The Plan will continue the theme of connectivity with the other neighborhoods. This will be done through the development and adoption of Design Guidelines consistent with those put in place in other major projects within the city. In addition, the District will include extensions of the Hike & Bike trail system that is also a component of adjacent development.

And, the Plan will address the ongoing cost of maintaining the new public infrastructure and amenities in the District. It will also address the staffing and related costs of managing District activities that will include items such as marketing the area for new business development as well as assisting existing businesses and property owners with revitalization of existing buildings and